Partnership Opportunities

We are seeking various partners for our content network as well as services. If you feel you might be a good fit, please do not hesitate to contact us and submit your information for our team to review. See below for the various opportunities that exist to partner with our company. We seek long term business relationships with individuals and teams that can mutually benefit from our network and expertise.

Content Partners

We are seeking independent content creators who are seeking another platform to showcase their content. This can be any creative work that includes music, poetry, independent films, shows and podcasts. Our platform is quickly adding streaming TV applications for viewing on devices like Roku and would like to feature independent work that has quality and an appeal for viewers. Contact our team if you feel you have something that fits the criteria our team is looking for.

Videographers & Live Stream Engineers

We are starting to book services for various events, indepenent businesses and podcats that will require more people than our core team, and we are looking for 3rd party vendors that we can work with on these projects. As with any work, all contracts are paid opportunities and our clientele is quickly growing. Get on our preferred vendor list and partner with us on future work.

Promoters & Venues

Do you have events that you would like to broadcast live or set up for PPV? Do you need a competent team that can come in and handle the video, technology and stream? We will be providing these services and are looking for long term partnerships with promoters and venues who have a regular schedule of events that they would like to add these kinds of services to. Grow your audience outside of physical venues and start attracting more online patrons today.

Investment Partnerships

As our network grows, we are continually looking to open up more opportunities for capital in order to push the boundaries and create more services and teams that can meet the demand for this growing industry of live online broadcasting and streaming. While broadcasting itself is not a new industry, the scope of how it is done and the growth of online viewers has created a new demand that will continue to grow in the coming years. We are confident that this new refreshed version of broadcasting, and the ability for independent businesses to now have access to these tools creates an environment for good investments and greater returns on those investments. Don't stay behind the curve, and get with us today to find out how you can benefit from this growing industry.

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